4 Awesome Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are synonymous with the term, Paradise. Whether it is the sand between the toes or tiny umbrellas sticking out of beverages, Hawaii is the ultimate destination when it comes to vacationing. While the typical hotel room with daily house keeping is great, Turtle Bay Rentals is a perfect alternative option for those looking to stay on the beautiful beachside Turtle Bay Resort in a fresh, more local kind of way. Turtle Bay Rentals offers all the necessary commodities with an extra layer of freedom to cook meals, do laundry, and just cut loose with the golf courses as the backdrop. That much said, one definitely should remember that Hawaii is simply an awesome place to be no matter the type of accommodation. Here are four things that make these islands such a special, awesome place:



Hawaii is the most isolated island group in all of the Pacific. The original settlers traveled thousands of miles throughout Polynesia to eventually make these islands home. The culture of Hawaii is reach with tradition and lore, sustainable living, and aloha. Aloha, used as a greeting and way to say goodbye, specifically means love or affection. But Aloha is more than just a term with a definition. It is a way of life. It is giving. It is respect. Respect for the land, sea and its people. So as one vacations in Hawaii, one cannot help but feel that Aloha radiating from all pours.




The Hawaiian Islands were formed as a result of thousands, if not millions, of years of volcanic activity. For that reason, the land has a unique, unparalleled geography littered with mountains (it even snows on Mauna Kea on Hawaii island), waterfalls, jagged coastlines as well as bountiful vegetation. While staying on Oahu, one indeed must take advantage of the hikes, bike and car rides along the coastline to various vistas.



Since the Hawaiian Islands are located in a tropical region in proximity to Pacific storm paths, the ocean is both majestic as well as active. Thus making these islands the perfect place to swim, snorkel, surf, or simply cool down after a day of running around. Not to mention, the sunrises along the East Side as well as sunsets along the North Shore are among the best in the world. With Turtle Bay Rentals in such close proximity to both of these coastlines, one is able to capture both within a short drive in either direction.




With Hawaiian culture being based off of subsistence (living off the land), its no doubt that the food is a must. Whether one is a vegetarian or meat eater, he or she is in luck when it comes to the fresh fruits, vegetables and starches grown as well as prepared food in Hawaii. Depending on the particular season, Hawaii farms its own pineapples, papaya, avocados, coconuts, taro, sweet potatoes, and many others. As for prepared traditional foods, kalua pig (similar to pulled pork), lau lau (meat wrapped in taro leaf), and poi (mashed taro root) will please any vacationer’s taste buds. So be prepared for a treat, literally.


With these four reasons laid out, it is no wonder why Hawaii is synonymous with paradise. So book that ticket, book that condo at Turtle Bay Rentals, and dive right into the Hawaii experience this year.

Hawaii’s History of Surfing and Bodyboarding

With the entire world converging on the North Shore of Oahu in the next few weeks during the winter surf season (read more about this in the previous post) for competitions, magazine coverage, and recreation, there arises the question of the difference between surfing and bodyboarding. While both surfing and bodyboarding are similar in nature due to the wave riding aspect as well as historical beginnings, there are also very much separate and distinct in regards to their respective industries.


Surfing’s Historical Beginnings in Hawaii

It has been noted that early Western explorers like Captain Cook witnessed the native Hawaiians in the act of surfing on their feet, knees, and stomach on a variety of different wood shaped boards in the waves. Upon colonization, the practice of surfing was less practiced and even forbidden during an era. Then Duke Kahanamoku re-introduced the ancient practice of surfing in Hawaii at the turn of the twentieth century. Since then surfing has taken on different shapes both in popular culture and as an industry to evolve into a respectable world wide sport.

Surfing is done by standing upon a board and riding a wave. The boards themselves come in a variety of different shapes, lengths and materials. The type of boards a surfer rides depends on the type of waves he or she is interested in surfing. Longboards are primarily used to ride less steep, less powerful waves. Shortboards, on the other hand, are primarily used to ride steeper, more powerful waves. One reason for that is due to the ability of the surfer to control and maneuver a particular type of board.



Bodyboarding’s Historical Beginnings in Kailua-Kona 

Just as bodyboarding takes its roots from the ancient practice of riding waves, or surfing, as witnessed by Captain Cook and his crew, the invention of the modern day bodyboard (or boogie board) took place on the west side of Hawaii island in Kailua-Kona. Tom Morey, a surfboard shaper and engineer, created what became the bodyboard out of a surfboard blank and some ironed on newspaper in order to surf some waves at a surf spot named Honls. After experiencing the thrill of riding his makeshift board, he began making and selling them. Since then the bodyboard has taken roots and spread throughout the world as an extreme sport for thrill seekers.

Bodyboarding is done by lying down (prone), on one knee (dropknee), or standing upon a board. A bodyboard is typically a third of the length or less of the modern day shortboard with a softer foam deck and a harder slick bottom. A bodyboarder typically wears a pair of fins in order to propel him onto a wave as well as maintain control as he or she surfs the wave. A bodyboard, just like with surfing, is suitable for the beginner as well as the extreme wave riding enthusiast.



The Essence of Surfing

Surfing, in its essence, is the act of riding a wave with or without a board. It is a wonderful way to challenge oneself as well as have fun. If someone is interested in taking surfing lessons while staying at one of the Turtle Bay Rentals, go to Hans Hedemann Surf School on the Turtle Bay Resort to book a lesson.

The North Shore—Surfing’s 7 Mile Miracle

The island of Oahu is packed with scenic views, majestic beaches and tons of things to do. More than one can even fathom to check off his or her list while vacationing at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort. That being said, one of the greatest phenomenon that one indeed can check off his or her list lies just around the corner on the North Shore of Oahu.



Surfing’s 7 Mile Miracle

The North Shore of Oahu, also known as the 7 Mile Miracle by the surfing world, stakes claim to arguably the richest, most consistent stretches of surfable coastline in the entire world. Whether Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, Waimea Bay, or the world renowned Banzai Pipeline (names of just a few surf spots), the entire wave riding community around the globe—from surfers, bodyboarders, photographers, filmers, and writersflocks to the North Shore to tackle the waves and stake claim to the prestigious surf.

The North Shore is surfing’s measuring stick for who is who within the surfing community. The world’s greatest surfers, photographers and filmers have carved out their careers according to their performance within the surf on the North Shore. On the other hand, many people’s careers have dwindled because of the lack of performance thereof. It goes to show the importance of this fabled coastline’s reputation building ability for those within the surfing community.



Surf Season on the North Shore

The best time for the good surf on the North Shore begins mid-fall into late winter. In other terms, the months from mid-October to early March. Of course, waves (specifically those experienced on the North Shore) come as a direct result of large storms in the west Pacific around Japan. Those large storms then spin and traverse the ocean to eventually bring waves to the Hawaiian islands. As one can imagine, the closer the storms get to the islands, the larger the surf and also increased potential for stormy weather. Not to mention, which direction a storm approaches the islands makes a difference in how “good” the surf may or may not be. So, as one now understands, the surf is a delicate balance of different variables coming together.

So for all of those staying at Turtle Bay Rentals this fall into winter, the opportunity to see some big waves and the world’s best surfers riding them is within grasp. The North Shore is only a few minutes car ride west of the Turtle Bay Resort.



Aside from the Surf

All that considered, aside from the surf on the North Shore, it also happens to be among the most beautiful stretches of coastline in all the Hawaiian Islands chain. The term “Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches” may just have pulled its definition from the breathtaking coarse sand beaches of the 7 Mile Miracle. So whether one is an avid surfer, simply a fan of surfing, photographer and artist, or even neither of the those things at all, there is more to chew off than one can conceivably swallow during one’s stay in one of the Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort.


Spend a Perfect Morning on the East Side

While sleeping in is a beautiful way to relax on vacation, getting an early start is the best way to kick-off a day while you are on vacation in Hawaii. Since Turtle Bay Rentals, located on the Turtle Bay Resort along the North Shore of Oahu, is located right in the heart of some of the most beautiful country on the planet, consider the following as you look to create the most wonderful morning (and memories) on one of your days on the island.


Sunrise at Laie Point


Laie Point, located in the heart of the little town of Laie, offers the perfect view of the Ko’olau mountains to the south as well as a few small sandstone islands in close proximity to the tip of the Point. Of all the sandstone islands, one has a natural sea arch that was created by a tsunami over seventy years ago. Interestingly enough, one of the large stones that once sat right within the hole in the arch was shifted during one of the large winter swell storms this past winteropening up the hole and thus accentuating the arch more than ever before.


Directions: Laie Point is a ten minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a left on Anemoku Street, which is directly across from the Laie Shopping Center, and then a right at the stop sign on Naupaka Street. Laie Point is located at the end of Naupaka Street.


Beach Run and Cool Off at Kekela Beach


Kekela Beach - Hauula Hawaii - Turtle Bay Rentals

Getting that exercise in early truly does boost any person’s day, and there are few places on the island as picturesque as Kekela Beach (Kokololio Beach Park). Located on the south end of Laie Bay, Kekela is a perfect place to start off one’s day with quick beach run or walk along the sand to the rock outcropping to the north as well as alligator pond to the south. The best part of all, of course, is jumping in the water too cool off after the run.


Directions: Kekela Beach is ten to fifteen minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a left into Kokololio Beach Park and park in the public parking. Walk over the grass hill onto the sand and take it from there.


Suggestions: Bring along a bathing suit or board shorts to jump in the water as well as a towel to drive off. Showers are scattered throughout the beach park itself, so you can rinse off the sand and salt water.


Eat Breakfast at Hukilau Cafe


Hukilau Cafe, named after the famous Hukilau Bay, is a local breakfast and lunch favorite. Its name was featured on the movie Fifty First Dates and the actual restaurant itself was showcased on Man Vs. Food. So what better way to treat yourself, your family, or your friends, than to reward your belly for waking up early on vacation?


Directions: Hukilau Cafe is a five to ten minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a right on Wahinepe’e Street, and it will be on your left hand on the corner.


Suggestions: Try the loco moco, a local creation which consists of a bed of rice topped with a burger patty, a couple eggs and homemade gravy. So ono!

Vacation on the North Shore this Summer

Summer vacation is a time to get away and relax from the stresses of the day to day life. When looking for that perfect place to spend one’s vacation, there are certain things one factors into making that right choice. Those factors may include how friendly that location is for group travel (especially with a family), the weather, culture, the food, and the activities (including one’s hobbies). Considering all these different factors, the real essence of vacation is, frankly, having a good time. And what greater way to enjoy a good vacation than to spend it at Turtle Bay Rentals on the North Shore of Oahu this summer.


The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated islands in the entire Pacific. While that means that it will require a five and a half our flight from the West Coast to get to them, the reward is more than worth the travel time. Below are some reasons why.


Family - Summer Vacation on North Shore 1



The North Shore is located in what is referred to as “country” on the island of Oahu. Nestled an hour away from the hustle of “town” (which includes Waikiki), the North Shore is a breath of fresh air for both locals and visitors. Turtle Bay Rentals (located on the Turtle Bay Resort) is the sole resort on the North Shore, which affords a completely different, tranquil experience to guests.



Considering that the average temperature on Oahu hovers just a degree or two under 80, and that summer is the drier season, the weather is just about perfect. Even the humidity is toned down by the tradewinds that blow the majority of the year.



Hawaii is home to a beautiful native Polynesian culture. One full of rich history, dance and art, food and recreation. One specific way to learn more about Hawaiian culture, as well as others from the Pacific, is to visit the Polynesian Culture Center in Laie, which is only 15 minutes down the road from the resort.


Culture - Summer Vacation on North Shore 2



The North Shore is a melting pot of different types of foods. Whether one is looking for native Hawaiian food, local influenced foods like plate lunches, or simply pizza and burgers, the North Shore has more than enough options to choose from.

For a reference on some fun local food spots to try out, click here.



Whether one is looking to just soak in some sun, snorkel and swim around, hike some trails, the North Shore provides all of that and more. In addition, Turtle Bay Resort provides a variety of activities from horseback and helicopter rides to surf lessons at Hans Hedemann Surf School.


Surfing - Summer Vacation on North Shore 3