Spend a Perfect Morning on the East Side

While sleeping in is a beautiful way to relax on vacation, getting an early start is the best way to kick-off a day while you are on vacation in Hawaii. Since Turtle Bay Rentals, located on the Turtle Bay Resort along the North Shore of Oahu, is located right in the heart of some of the most beautiful country on the planet, consider the following as you look to create the most wonderful morning (and memories) on one of your days on the island.


Sunrise at Laie Point


Laie Point, located in the heart of the little town of Laie, offers the perfect view of the Ko’olau mountains to the south as well as a few small sandstone islands in close proximity to the tip of the Point. Of all the sandstone islands, one has a natural sea arch that was created by a tsunami over seventy years ago. Interestingly enough, one of the large stones that once sat right within the hole in the arch was shifted during one of the large winter swell storms this past winteropening up the hole and thus accentuating the arch more than ever before.


Directions: Laie Point is a ten minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a left on Anemoku Street, which is directly across from the Laie Shopping Center, and then a right at the stop sign on Naupaka Street. Laie Point is located at the end of Naupaka Street.


Beach Run and Cool Off at Kekela Beach


Kekela Beach - Hauula Hawaii - Turtle Bay Rentals

Getting that exercise in early truly does boost any person’s day, and there are few places on the island as picturesque as Kekela Beach (Kokololio Beach Park). Located on the south end of Laie Bay, Kekela is a perfect place to start off one’s day with quick beach run or walk along the sand to the rock outcropping to the north as well as alligator pond to the south. The best part of all, of course, is jumping in the water too cool off after the run.


Directions: Kekela Beach is ten to fifteen minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a left into Kokololio Beach Park and park in the public parking. Walk over the grass hill onto the sand and take it from there.


Suggestions: Bring along a bathing suit or board shorts to jump in the water as well as a towel to drive off. Showers are scattered throughout the beach park itself, so you can rinse off the sand and salt water.


Eat Breakfast at Hukilau Cafe


Hukilau Cafe, named after the famous Hukilau Bay, is a local breakfast and lunch favorite. Its name was featured on the movie Fifty First Dates and the actual restaurant itself was showcased on Man Vs. Food. So what better way to treat yourself, your family, or your friends, than to reward your belly for waking up early on vacation?


Directions: Hukilau Cafe is a five to ten minute drive south on Kamehameha Highway from the Turtle Bay Resort. Take a right on Wahinepe’e Street, and it will be on your left hand on the corner.


Suggestions: Try the loco moco, a local creation which consists of a bed of rice topped with a burger patty, a couple eggs and homemade gravy. So ono!

Vacation on the North Shore this Summer

Summer vacation is a time to get away and relax from the stresses of the day to day life. When looking for that perfect place to spend one’s vacation, there are certain things one factors into making that right choice. Those factors may include how friendly that location is for group travel (especially with a family), the weather, culture, the food, and the activities (including one’s hobbies). Considering all these different factors, the real essence of vacation is, frankly, having a good time. And what greater way to enjoy a good vacation than to spend it at Turtle Bay Rentals on the North Shore of Oahu this summer.


The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated islands in the entire Pacific. While that means that it will require a five and a half our flight from the West Coast to get to them, the reward is more than worth the travel time. Below are some reasons why.


Family - Summer Vacation on North Shore 1



The North Shore is located in what is referred to as “country” on the island of Oahu. Nestled an hour away from the hustle of “town” (which includes Waikiki), the North Shore is a breath of fresh air for both locals and visitors. Turtle Bay Rentals (located on the Turtle Bay Resort) is the sole resort on the North Shore, which affords a completely different, tranquil experience to guests.



Considering that the average temperature on Oahu hovers just a degree or two under 80, and that summer is the drier season, the weather is just about perfect. Even the humidity is toned down by the tradewinds that blow the majority of the year.



Hawaii is home to a beautiful native Polynesian culture. One full of rich history, dance and art, food and recreation. One specific way to learn more about Hawaiian culture, as well as others from the Pacific, is to visit the Polynesian Culture Center in Laie, which is only 15 minutes down the road from the resort.


Culture - Summer Vacation on North Shore 2



The North Shore is a melting pot of different types of foods. Whether one is looking for native Hawaiian food, local influenced foods like plate lunches, or simply pizza and burgers, the North Shore has more than enough options to choose from.

For a reference on some fun local food spots to try out, click here.



Whether one is looking to just soak in some sun, snorkel and swim around, hike some trails, the North Shore provides all of that and more. In addition, Turtle Bay Resort provides a variety of activities from horseback and helicopter rides to surf lessons at Hans Hedemann Surf School.


Surfing - Summer Vacation on North Shore 3


3 Must Do Hikes While Staying at Turtle Bay

Hawaii and its scenery go hand in hand. Whether one is by the sea (makai) or in the mountains (mauka), there is so much diversity and so many different perspectives to view these isolated volcanic islands in the Pacific. As one stays at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, one should definitely consider taking a stroll up the mauka for some of the world’s most beautiful vistas. Two short hikes worthy of every visitor on the island include the Ehukai Pillbox Trail, Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail, and Koko Head Crater Trail.


Ehukai Pillbox Trail


The trail head to the Ehukai Pillbox Trail is a leisurely ten minute drive north from the Turtle Bay Resort located at Sunset Beach Elementary in Haleiwa on the North Shore. A short hike of about twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the hiker or party, Ehukai Pillbox Trail provides both a reasonably steep and challenging hike that pays off with pristine vistas as one works his or her way up to the World War II bunker. Once one reaches the bunker, there is a pristine panoramic view of the famous surf breaks that have placed the North Shore on the world’s radar.

Ehukai Pillbox Trail 1 - Turtle Bay RentalsEhukai Pillbox Trail 2 - Turtle Bay RentalsEhukai Pillbox Trail 3 - Turtle Bay RentalsEhukai Pillbox Trail 4 - Turtle Bay Rentals


Directions to Ehukai Pillbox Trail: 


Take Kamehameha Hwy north from Turtle Bay Resort to Sunset Beach Elementary located at 59-178 Kamehameha Hwy in Haleiwa. Park in the public park parking just below the elementary school. The trail head is located on your left hand as you drive into the parking lot. 


Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail


The trail head to the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail is an hour to hour and fifteen minute drive from the Turtle Bay Resort. A short paved hike of about twenty-five to thirty minutes, Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail provides a beautiful view of the bay at Makapu’u, Mānana (Rabbit Island) and Kaohika’ipu (Black Rock), and the town of Waimanalo. The trail also splits off into different areas, including the tide pools.

Makapuu Lighthouse Point 1 - Turtle Bay Rentals Makapuu Lighthouse Point 2 - Turtle Bay Rentals


Directions to Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail:


Take Kamehameha Hwy south from Turtle Bay Resort to Kalanianaole Hwy to Ka’iwi State Scenic Shoreline at 8751-9057 Kalanianaole Hwy in Waimanalo. Park in the public parking lot at the foot of the basin. Follow the paved trail to the top of the point.


Koko Head Crater Trail


The trail head to the Koko Head Crater Trail is an hour and fifteen to hour and a half drive south of the Turtle Bay Resort. Although it is just under a three quarters of a mile to top of the Koko Head Crater, the Koko Head Crater Trail is not for the faint of heart. What was once a railway during World War II is now the ultimate stair master. Make sure to bring a bottle of water (or two) and a camera to capture the view from the top.

Koko Head Crater 1 - Turtle Bay Rentals


Directions to Koko Head Crater Trail:


Take Kamehameha Hwy south from Turtle Bay Resort to Kalanianaole Hwy to 7604 Koko Head Park Rd in Hawaii Kai. Park in the public parking lot and take the path adjacent to the baseball field to the trail head.

Turtle Bay Rentals, An Unique Way to Vacation

Turtle Bay Rentals An Unique Way to Vacation 2

Vacation means similar things to most people—a time to relax and decompress from the stresses of the day to day work life at home; a time to see and experience new things; a time to spend with friends, family and loved ones. It also typically means a hotel room, room service and valet parking. While a hotel room, room service and valet parking are a fabulous way to spend a vacation, Turtle Bay Rentals offers an unique way to experience all of the reasons one vacations with a luxurious “at home” twist through its various condos located on the world class golf course estates at Turtle Bay Resort.


Below are four reasons why one should consider staying at one of the Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort:


1. Renting a condo through Turtle Bay Rentals allows one to enjoy the beauty and access of being on the Turtle Bay Resort while getting that home away from home experience. Consider the privacy and conveniences of homewhether that is a living room to watch movies and sit around at talk story with family and friends, a refrigerator and freezer to stock food and drinks, a kitchen to prepare meals, full wifi access, a washer and dryer, and access to the poolsas one slips right into the groove of the Hawaii lifestyle.


2. Turtle Bay Rentals accommodates parties up to eight, depending on the particular condo size. That way if one has a larger family, or is planning to rent and share a condo with friends and relatives, there is not only more than enough space but options available as one enjoys the experience on the North Shore.


Turtle Bay Rentals An Unique Way to Vacation 1

3. By staying at one of the condos at Turtle Bay Rentals, one can loosen up some expenses in order to spend them elsewhere. Considering the affordability of the condos, especially as one factors in the amenities and accommodations that are included with the condos, one can shave off some of the expenses that would have otherwise gone elsewhere. That way one can now spend that little extra on horse riding at the stables on the resort, surf lessons at Hans Hedemann Surf School, a helicopter tour, or any of the things that might be of interest.


4. For those looking for more than just the typical touristy sort of stay in Hawaii, Turtle Bay Rentals are perfect for longer stays. Considering the flexibility with accommodating larger parties, the “at home” experience, and affordability, the condos are a perfect solution for those looking to extend a stay in the islands.


With these four reasons to consider a stay at one of the Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, preview the seven condos through the link as followsTurtle Bay Rentals—and check for availability. Feel free to fill out and send the email form with any questions in regards to the condos.

Ahi Poke at Kahuku Superette – A Must Try

While staying at one of the beautiful condos at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, just a couple miles down the road is a dive-style mini market named Kahuku Superette. As a one stop shop for anything from groceries, quick food and beverages, bags of ice to household items, ironically its ahi poke is revered island wide as one of the best, if not the best, around.

Kahuku Superette - Turtle Bay Rentals

Poke (pronounced poh-KAY) refers to marinated pieces of fish or meat cut into “chunks” (as the word directly translates into the Hawaiian language). Ahi (the Hawaiian word for “tuna”) simply refers to the type of fish. So translated, ahi poke means “tuna chunks.” And Kahuku Superette offers various types of pokes in addition to its ahi poke.


Of all the varieties of poke at Kahuku Superette, its shoyu ahi poke is arguably the best. Their shoyu ahi poke (shoyu means “soy sauce” in Japanese) consists of the ahi marinated in a sesame oil shoyu sauce with diced sweet onions, chopped green onions, sesame seeds, and dried peppers. The combination of the ingredients draws out a salty, sweet and spicy mix of flavors that truly is unique to Kahuku Superette.

A couple recommendations when you order your poke, whether its the shoyu ahi poke or not: First, ask for the poke to be served with rice. The chilled shoyu ahi poke and warm white rice create a savory contrast. Not to mention, the sauce will sink into the white rice to spread the flavor into every bite. The second recommendation is to try eating the shoyu ahi poke with chopsticks instead of a fork, which you will have to specifically ask for at the cash register, otherwise you will be given a fork. The reason for the recommendation … well, it is for the challenge, of course, and also because “when in Rome, do as the Romans.” Or, more accurately, do as the people in Hawaii do.


The Kahuku Superette also offers a variety of beverages, snacks, some produce, and other items, so if you’re craving to combine your shoyu ahi poke with some chips (like is popular with poke in the mainland), or would like to wrap up your meal with a desert, then the option is there.


One last tip, Kahuku Superette does accept debit and credit cards, but keep in mind that they do have a minimum amount you must spend to run a card. Ask what that amount is if you are planning to use one.


Kahuku Superette
56-505 Kamehameha Highway
Kahuku, HI 96731
(808) 293-9878
Weekdays: 6:15am to 10:00pm
Weekends: 7:00am to 10:00pm