The North Shore—Surfing’s 7 Mile Miracle

by: Evan Fa

The island of Oahu is packed with scenic views, majestic beaches and tons of things to do. More than one can even fathom to check off his or her list while vacationing at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort. That being said, one of the greatest phenomenon that one indeed can check off his or her list lies just around the corner on the North Shore of Oahu.



Surfing’s 7 Mile Miracle

The North Shore of Oahu, also known as the 7 Mile Miracle by the surfing world, stakes claim to arguably the richest, most consistent stretches of surfable coastline in the entire world. Whether Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, Waimea Bay, or the world renowned Banzai Pipeline (names of just a few surf spots), the entire wave riding community around the globe—from surfers, bodyboarders, photographers, filmers, and writersflocks to the North Shore to tackle the waves and stake claim to the prestigious surf.

The North Shore is surfing’s measuring stick for who is who within the surfing community. The world’s greatest surfers, photographers and filmers have carved out their careers according to their performance within the surf on the North Shore. On the other hand, many people’s careers have dwindled because of the lack of performance thereof. It goes to show the importance of this fabled coastline’s reputation building ability for those within the surfing community.



Surf Season on the North Shore

The best time for the good surf on the North Shore begins mid-fall into late winter. In other terms, the months from mid-October to early March. Of course, waves (specifically those experienced on the North Shore) come as a direct result of large storms in the west Pacific around Japan. Those large storms then spin and traverse the ocean to eventually bring waves to the Hawaiian islands. As one can imagine, the closer the storms get to the islands, the larger the surf and also increased potential for stormy weather. Not to mention, which direction a storm approaches the islands makes a difference in how “good” the surf may or may not be. So, as one now understands, the surf is a delicate balance of different variables coming together.

So for all of those staying at Turtle Bay Rentals this fall into winter, the opportunity to see some big waves and the world’s best surfers riding them is within grasp. The North Shore is only a few minutes car ride west of the Turtle Bay Resort.



Aside from the Surf

All that considered, aside from the surf on the North Shore, it also happens to be among the most beautiful stretches of coastline in all the Hawaiian Islands chain. The term “Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches” may just have pulled its definition from the breathtaking coarse sand beaches of the 7 Mile Miracle. So whether one is an avid surfer, simply a fan of surfing, photographer and artist, or even neither of the those things at all, there is more to chew off than one can conceivably swallow during one’s stay in one of the Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort.


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