3 Beautiful Beaches to Hang Out on the North Shore of Oahu

by: Evan Fa

Oahu, while it is not the largest island within the Hawaiian island chain, is referred to as the main island. One reason is because the state’s capital, Honolulu, is located on the island. It also happens to be the most densely populated, staking claim to the highest population, of these eight Polynesian islands despite the fact that it is actually the third largest with the chain. Hawaii island (referred to as the Big Island) being the largest with Maui the second largest in the chain. All of this being said, with all the unique beauty and attractions Oahu has to offer, it is no wonder why it is the main island.

Of course, let it be said that metropolitan Honolulu is a busy city. A big city like unto any other metropolitan area within the continental United States. One where there is tons of traffic, industry and commerce—all of that which is not exactly synonymous with what most people would fantasize about when it comes to the vacationing in a Hawaiian paradise. Rather, one dreams of beautiful sandy beaches with blue skies and waters as the backdrop. These things do very much exist in a big way on Oahu, and they are only a short drive away from the hustle of Honolulu.

As one makes his or her way out of Honolulu and into the country, specifically to the Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, one discovers the true meaning of Hawaii. With the majestic Ko’olau mountains to ones back, and the pristine Pacific ocean to the front, he or she will be in the paradise that only dreams are made of. Of course, if one is looking for a unique place to relax on the sand away from the typical crowds that frequent the beaches and shorelines along the North Shore, below are just a few to consider while staying on the resort.

Laniakea Beach

Famously known, and even infamously known by locals, as Turtle Beach to visitors, Laniakea is absolutely a wonderful place to relax on the sand, surf, and, of course, get in touch with nature by viewing the turtles that frequently swim near shore. In order to visit Laniakea, one recommendation is to get their sooner in the day rather than later in order to avoid traffic as well as grab a parking space across from the beach access. And once one gets there then walk west on the beach towards Haleiwa in order to find some seclusion. Not to mention, it would be good idea to avoid the place on the weekends since that is typically when both visitors as well as locals make their way up to the North Shore to enjoy the country.

Log Cabins

Known more as a surf spot, Log Cabins is actually one of the last remaining empty areas to relax on the beach on the North Shore. Located in between Rockpiles and Ke iki, it is a more calm area to admire the fantastic surf and beauty of the famous North Shore. One will need to park along Kamehameha Highway just across the street and down the road from the skatepark. Make sure to avoid “No Parking” areas to avoid getting cited by the police.

Kekela Beach

As a frequent camping place for local people on the weekends and holidays, Kekela Beach (located within Kokololio Beach Park) is a prime location for some isolated exposure to Oahu’s true majestic beauty on the east side of the island. While the tradewinds (onshore winds) blow the majority of the year, when the winds are light or Kona (offshore winds), Kekela Beach is rivaled by few other places within the islands when it comes to natural beauty.

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