4 Food Stops in the Kahuku Marketplace

by: Evan Fa

Pleasing one’s taste buds is a major part of enjoying vacation anywhere, and especially during one’s stay in one of the beautiful condos available through Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort. While there are handful of food options on the resort, there are also a variety of places to test one’s palette just minutes away south on Kamehameha Hwy within the town of Kahuku. Over the past few years, the Kahuku Marketplace—located just south of the actual Kahuku shrimp farms—has become a hotbed for food trucks and venders offering their unique flavors and talents.

While there are a dozen food options within the Kahuku Marketplace, below are four that hit different areas of the spectrum:

Auntie’s Lil Green Hut 

Feeling like it is time to tap into that inner earthy side? Auntie’s Lil Green Hut offers a variety of tasty organic, vegetarian, and gluten free options for those interested in that sort of thing. From their crepes, baked goods, salads, salad wraps, coffee, juices, and kombucha, if one is looking to go the healthier, more sustainable route, Auntie’s Lil Green Hut is absolutely the call.

Giovanni’s Kahuku Shrimp

The debate over which Kahuku shrimp truck dishes out the best shrimp is a on-going dispute that may never be settled; especially considering that each truck offers its own flare. That being said, Giovanni’s is a household name when it comes to Kahuku shrimp. Known for its truck where visitors sign, or tag with their graffiti, their names, Giovanni’s offers a variety of shrimp plates, from their Shrimp Scampi, The “No Refunds” Hot and Spicy Shrimp, and Lemon Butter Shrimp. So if one is going to do shrimp in Kahuku, Giovanni’s is definitely one of those iconic, savory options.

Ono Yo Frozen Yogurt

Nothing wraps up a meal like a cold treat, and Ono Yo Frozen Yogurt gets the job done … and gets it done right. Ono Yo offers a large variety of flavors from acai to papaya to otai (coconut watermelon), fresh fruit and soft and crunchy toppings, to cater to the taste buds of any customer that finds his or her way to their window. With over a dozen delectable creations of their own—such as Layers of Heaven – choice of yogurt, shaved dark & white chocolate, chocolate sauce, and condensed milk to Rocky Road – choice of yogurt, granola, macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, and caramel—Ono Yo has got all the bases covered.

Uncle Woody’s BBQ Corn

There truly are few things as heavenly as some good bbq corn, especially with butter and all sorts of spices and seasonings smothered all over the cob. Uncle Woody’s BBQ Corn offers a simple three item menu for anyone looking to scarf down a tasty corn on the cob. The three options include Island – butter, sea salt, garlic salt and black pepper; Baja – butter, lemon and lime juice, baja seasoning, and parmesan cheese; Shoyo – butter and shoyu (soy) sauce. While Uncle Woody’s BBQ Corn may not serve as a meal, it is definitely perfect snack or “pre-game” for the real entree at one of the other stands.

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