4 Must Visit Beaches Within Fifteen Minutes of Turtle Bay

by: Evan Fa

There is a cliché that goes something to the effect of, “Life’s a Beach.” Well, it is true—or at least life should be. Especially while you are on vacation at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort. Since how you spend each day is important, here are four must visit beaches within fifteen minutes of where you are staying so that you can make the most of your beach time in Hawaii.

Turtle Bay Resort Kawela Bay - Visit Hawaii Beaches 1

Kawela Bay

Located just a couple bays west of the resort, Kawela Bay is as picturesque as it gets. Kawela Bay is also a bit more secluded and less crowded than many other beaches on the North Shore. Since the barrier reef blocks the surf from entering the bay, and its location shelters it from the typical tradewinds, Kawela Bay is a perfect place to swim around, snorkel, kayak, standup paddle-board, to picnic and soak in some sun. 

Turtle Bay Resort Ke iki Beach - Visit Hawaii Beaches 1

Ke iki

Located just over ten minutes west of the resort, Ke iki provides a mix of that north shore feel without all the crowd. Located on the east end of Shark’s Cove, it has gained more attention over the past few years due to Clark Little’s ocean and wave imagery of the surf along this stretch of beach. For good reason, too, since Ke iki is the perfect place to take a lunch, get a tan and just enjoy the true essence of Hawaii.

Turtle Bay Resort Waimea Bay - Visit Hawaii Beaches 1

Waimea Bay

Located just fifteen minutes west of the resort, Waimea Bay is hands down one of the great treasures of the North Shore—even Hawaii as a whole. Known for its famous big wave surf during the winter months, and the location of the Eddie Aikau Invitational, Waimea Bay is a breathtaking beach with just as awe-inspiring of scenery from the jump rock to the west to the surf breaks to the east within the bay. On any given day, it’s a great place to spread out the towel to relax, picnic, swim around, snorkel … to do it all. 

Turtle Bay Resort Pounders Laie Beach - Visit Hawaii Beaches 1


Located just fifteen minutes south east of the resort, Pounders sits right inside Laie Bay and offers a pristine view of the Ko’olau range. Considering that Pounders is on the windward side of the island, it is heavily affected by the typical tradewinds since these types of winds blow onshore. That being said, if the winds are light or blowing Kona (meaning offshore on the windward side), then make sure to head over to Pounders for a view that truly is incomparable.

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