5 Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Around Turtle Bay

by: Evan Fa

Few things put as much of a damper on vacation as stormy weather. When one dreams of her Hawaiian vacation, more than likely it consists of sunny skies, warm weather, tasty food, good company, and new experiences. Surely cloudy skies, rainy weather, and any other thing hindering the ideal day (and perfect vacation) are not a part of the picture. Yet it is Hawaii; and Hawaii is lush and green because, in fact, it does rain a lot. But, for practical purposes, what does one do when the weather does not go her way while vacationing with Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort? Instead of hiding inside the walls of the condo all day, venture out and make the most of it all.

While adding a layer of shade to that tan may not be an option when it is raining, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the rainy day on Oahu. One just needs to get a little more creative. Frankly, one just needs to accept and embrace the weather as well as one’s inner adventurer. Below are the 5 Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Around Turtle Bay.

1. Hike to Kawela Bay

While hiking in the rain in Hawaii typically means slipping around in the mud, a hike to Kawela Bay from Turtle Bay Rentals is both short and well shielded by the foliage. Of course, choose the route wisely because there are muddier routes than others. So either rough it bare footed or with some slipper (or sandals).

2. Breakfast at Ted’s Bakery

The good ole famous Ted’s Bakery is an iconic Hawaii food establishment. A family owned and operated location with a long history stretching back over a half century, Ted’s Bakery offers anything from doughnuts and pastries to plate lunches and sandwiches. Oh, and lest anyone forget, its famous chocolate Haupia pie is a perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

3. A Quick Dip at Ehukai Beach Park

While it may not be the perfect day to soak in the rays, who said swimming around is off limits? Not a soul. Depending on the surf, Ehukai Beach Park is a perfect location to hop in for a swim. With showers and bathrooms on site, Ehukai Beach Park is a prime location to rinse off that sand and salt before zipping off to the next adventure.

4. Lunch or Dinner at The Elephant Truck

Who would have ever thought Thai food out of a truck could be so good? Well, it is so good. The Elephant Truck by Shark’s Cove on the North Shore of Oahu offers a variety of Thai options from coconut curries to pad thai to papaya salad. And considering the location, The Elephant Truck is both reasonable as well as generous in portion.

5. A Movie at Laie Palms Cinemas

A movie and popcorn is a great way to wind down after a day in the rain. Granted that Laie Palms Cinemas is roughly ten minutes away from Turtle Bay Rentals (the next closest theaters are around forty-five minutes), it is a small yet convenient location for taking in the latest Hollywood flick. While there are only two theaters on location, there are plenty of showings throughout the day depending on whether one is looking for a matinee or an evening movie.

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