6 Fun Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Facts Found at the Turtle Bay Resort

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Look closely and you will find them.  Yes, you can find the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at the Turtle Bay Resort. Look for shadows moving in the water and pretty soon you’ll see the turtles come up for air.   The turtles like to visit the various bays of Turtle Bay Resort to munch on sea grasses, seaweed and algae.

The North Shore of Oahu Hawaii hosts one of the Turtle’s favorite places to do so at Laniakea Beach, which is just east of the Turtle Bay Resort and the Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals.

About every third year after reaching maturity  the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle returns to nest at the French Frigate Shoals. The arriving turtles come from up to a thousands of miles where pairs will mate and bury hundreds of eggs.

Fun fact about the Turtles on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii:
1) their weight can reach as much as 200 lbs.
2) it take them about 25 – 30 years to reach maturity
3) their sex is not determined by their parents rather by the temperature of the sand during incubation
4) the incubation period takes up to 70 days
5) for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle the temperature at which an equal number of male and females turtles will hatch is 83 degrees Fahrenheit
6) like many tourist (but unlike may of their turtle cousins)  the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle lays on the beach to soak up sun

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