8 Hawaii Fruits You Need to Try

by: Evan Fa

Food is one of the four essential necessities for survival. The other three being air, water, and shelter. And, undoubtedly, Hawaii is one of those places that truly gives that much more meaning to these the four essentials. For anyone staying with Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, one can find some of the freshest (and unique) produce the Hawaiian Islands have to offer at any given food market alongside the road on the North Shore of Oahu. Today’s emphasis will be on 8 fruits one needs to try.


The coconut palm is also known as the tree of life. In Sandskrit, it is referred to as the “tree which gives all that is necessary for living.” Not only is the sweet water from the actual coconut refreshing, it is full of tons of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. The meat is as well with fats and good cholesterol.


Mango is like the candy version of the fruit group. A summer fruit in the Hawaiian islands, mangoes vary in types and sizes. In between the taste of a peach and a pineapple, fresh mangoes are as good (and as sweet) as they come.


A tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central America, the papaya is eaten when the fruit is soft and ripened with a yellow-orange color to the skin. A papaya is not an extremely sweet fruit, but it has a buttery texture in between that of a water melon and a mango. Although, do not be surprised as papaya has an aroma that is not all that attractive.

Apple Bananas

Apple bananas? How could a banana possibly resemble an apple taste as well? One taste of an apple banana and those huge bananas that one typically picks up at every American supermarket and gas station counter will more than likely lose their savor.

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

Lilikoi is a round and oval shaped fruit with a harder skin and seedy sweet and yet tart fruit core. With various types of Lilikoi grown around the island, they are similar in taste. And like any other fruit, the ripper they are pulled from the vine, the sweeter the taste.


Not too many things say Hawaii like pineapples. The golden fruit within, when ripened has a sweet, tart, and acidic taste to it. And, as previously mentioned about lilikoi, the riper the the fruit then the sweeter the taste.

Star Fruit

Native to the countries in Asia, star fruit is one of the more peculiar fruits one might find in a market. With a thin waxy skin layer, the fruit itself has a crispy sweet taste to it similar to a grape and apple.


Not the most uncommon fruit you will find in the stands. (And, yes, avocado is indeed a fruit after all.) The avocados found in Hawaii will arguably be some of the best ones one will find anywhere. Particularly the large buttery type, which taste like an avocado mixed with blocks of butter.

With all of these fruits laid out before one’s eyes, give one, a couple, a few or all of these fruits a go while on vacation at Turtle Bay Rentals on the North Shore of Oahu.

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