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Turtle Bay Resort’s Fazio and Palmer Courses – A Must for Every Golfer

Turtle Bay Resort features over 400 luxurious rooms and suites as well as beach villas and condos, including Turtle Bay Rentals, just footsteps away from three iconic bays on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Among the accommodations, ranging from a variety of tours and lessons, restaurants to dine to a spa for some relaxing services, two of the most notable aspects of Turtle Bay Resort are its premiere Golf CoursesFazio and Palmer.

The Fazio Course, designed by George Fazio and built during the early 1970’s, is an eighteen hole course with a par of 72. Although a shorter course with back tees at approximately 6,500 yards, the degree of challenge makes up for its length. As noted by the list of well known golfers that have competed in the LPGA Tour’s Hawaii Open and The Inaugural Champion’s Tour Skins Game in the past. With Paspalum greens and majestic views, especially at the back nine, the Fazio Course is a must for every golf enthusiast and a great preparation for the Palmer Course.

Golf Fazio Course - Turtle Bay Resort - Turtle Bay Rentals

The Palmer Course, designed by Arnold Palmer and built during the 1990’s and, among many accolades, rated within the top 100 golf courses in the country by Golf Digest, is a par 72 course measuring out to an astounding 7,218 yards. Three notable traits that set the Palmer Course apart from other courses are the natural wetlands, tree lined fairways, and ocean breezes. These three traits add both beauty as well as the heightened challenge that make golf “the sport of kings” and, of course, queens.

Golf Palmer Course - Turtle Bay Resort - Turtle Bay Rentals

Throw in the top notch practice facilities, and its many other accommodations, and Turtle Bay Resort is a must for every golfer.

Jamie Anderson – Olymipic Gold Medalist Stayed at Turtle Bay Resort

Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson is Coming to North Shorejamie anderson at turtle bay

During the Winter Olympics held at Sochi, Russia, one of the athletes that stood out in the snowboarding competition was Jamie Anderson. The Californian native won a gold medal in the women’s snowboarding slope style category.

Jamie Anderson is coming to North Shore although in an interview, she revealed that she has been busy lately for press days where she will be flying to New York and Los Angeles. She is hoping to be able to take part in the popular music festival in the North Shore, the Wanderlust, which will take place by the end of February.

Physically Fit

On the interview, Jamie Anderson was asked how she keeps herself physically fit. According to her, she lives in the mountains and therefore, she snowboards a lot. When the weather is warmer, she will go mountain climbing, hiking. She also tries the stand-up paddle boards as well.

Jamie also mentioned that she practices yoga in order to maintain her overall strength and balance, which is probably why she is coming to the Wanderlust festival. The music festival which will be taking place at the North Shore of Oahu is all about yoga and music.

About the Wanderlust

The Wanderlust festival is filled with ecstatic celebrations. It is not only about music, but it is also a yoga festival. On this event, some of the world’s leading yoga instructors will gather along with top musical artists, as well as renowned speakers, international chefs and entertaining performers. All of these are weaved together in order to bring a unique experience filled with delights and surprises.

Whether you are a fan of mountaintop adventures like Jamie Anderson, or perhaps, you just simply want to explore and meet interesting people from all over the world, the Wanderlust is certainly an event that you should not miss. It is an opportunity to unplug from your usual day to day life and discover something extraordinary.

What to Expect

The Wanderlust will take you to a different kind of adventure. Along with your yoga mat, take part on the interesting yoga classes and come dancing to the entertaining music that goes to your ears. You get to also join the entire community in indulging on a Hawaiian feast. You can eat, drink and sample some of the most mouthwatering dishes prepared by well renowned chefs.

You can bring a friend or your group of friends or perhaps, meet new friends out there. The event will start from the early morning meditation until night time wherein you get to enjoy chakra spinning music along with some musical performances. The best thing of all is that all these will be happening right at the backdrop of the beautiful North Shore in Oahu.

If you want to join the event, simply go online and book your ticket. Remember that this is one of the most awaited music and yoga festivals all over the world, so you better hurry. And who knows, you might bump into Jamie Anderson out there.

Turtle Bay Resort Restaurant | Hang Ten Bar & Grill

Indulge on your Favorite Cocktails at Hang Ten Bar & Grill – The hang ten bar turtle bayFunnest Restaurant at the Turtle Bay Resort

If your idea of a vacation is indulging on some tropical drinks surfside, then you should drop by the Hang Ten Bar & Grill while vacationing in Turtle Bay. The restaurant features an outdoor dining experience, where you can have a refreshing break and indulge on one of the island’s finest Mai Tai’s.

Here, you can relax to the soothing sounds of the surf and discover why the Turtle Bay is one of the most visited islands worldwide. The resort has even received various awards and recognitions and this is why it’s one of the most popular island destinations.

Lunch and Cocktails

turtle bay resort restaurants hang tenThe restaurant serves lunch and cocktails. For lunch, you can choose from among the following signature dishes:

  • Fresh Local Ahi Sandwiches
  • Crispy Coconut Shrimp Basket
  • Hang Ten Ball Park Dog
  • Basket of Fish and Chips
  • Hang Tenders
  • Garden Burger
  • Rosemary Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Some of the most famous cocktails that the restaurant is known for are:

  • Monkey’s Lunch
  • Turtle
  • Ko’olau Colada
  • Lava Flow
  • Tropical Rush
  • Mai Tai
  • Cadillac Margarita
  • Tropical Splash
  • Malibu Islander
  • Malibu Black Storm
  • Sea Orchid
  • Piña Colada
  • Skinny Chichi
  • Malibu Pineapple Delight

Special Happeningsturtle bay resort bars

Each night, for the entire week, you will discover a lot of special happenings in the restaurant. You can witness a spectacular drum circle, live Hawaiian style music, keiki hula halau, fish fries and fire knife dancers.

During sunset, indulge on the restaurant’s signature drink, the Green Flash, and linger outdoors. The green flash is actually an optical phenomenon which occurs shortly right after the sunset or just before sunrise when some green spots are showing. It will usually show up for about a second or two.

These green flashes occurs due to a group of certain phenomena, although they are common on those locations that have unobstructed horizon, like those places over the ocean, or perhaps, at the pool area of the Turtle Bay where the Hang Ten Bar & Grill is located.

Signature Drink

In reference to the green flash, which is a special kind of phenomenon that you can only experience at Hang Ten, the restaurant has come up with a signature drink named after it. This drink is a blend of the Sauza Tequila and Blue Curacao that is then added with pineapple juice and OJ and then topped with the Midori Garnish as well as a cherry. Such drink is only served about half an hour before and after the sunset.

Restaurant Details

The Hang Ten is indeed one of the best restaurants at Turtle Bay where you can hang out and relax while enjoying their favorite cocktail drink and snacks in a surfside dining setting. The restaurant and bar is open daily and cocktails are served from 10 AM until 10 PM. The food service is available from 11 AM until 7 PM. For more information or for those who want to make a reservation, they can call 808-293-6000.

ESPN Films 30 for 30| The Legend of Eddie Aikau

ESPN Films Features a Must See Documentary Entitled Hawaiian: The 30 for 30 eddie aikauLegend of Eddie Aikau

The Legend of Eddie Aikau is a film about the iconic Hawaiian surfer, Eddie Aikau. He is famous for those big wave events that are being held in his honor at the Waimea Bay in Hawaii. Aside from being a surfer, he was also a Hawaiian lifeguard who has saved so many lives. Pretty much everything about his life has been covered on this upcoming documentary film which was directed by Sam George.

Interesting Life of Eddie Aikau

eddie aikau 30 for 30 espnOne of the most interesting parts of the film was during the final hours of Aikau. The famous surfer lost his life while trying to rescue a capsizing Polynesian voyaging canoe during the year 1978. But aside from that event, there are various parts in the film that are a must see.

As you know, riding big waves is not something that will make one to become a hero and to be as famous as Aikau. It is putting yourself into harm’s way in order to save other people, and this is exactly what made Aikau a hero.

Even from the first day of his job as a lifeguard in the famous Waimea Bay until the last moment of his life, he has dedicated his life solely for others. All he cared about was for others to be saved even though he had several reasons not to do it. And these are things that make his life story even more interesting.

Personal Significanceespn the legend of eddie aikau 30 for 30

The director of The Legend of Eddie Aikau, Sam George, has revealed that the film has a personal significance for him. He himself is a fan of surfing and started learning the sport in 1967 when he moved to Hawaii. While he was on vacation in Oahu in March of 1978, he and his brother went to Waikiki for some surfing adventure and that’s when they spotted the voyaging canoe, where Eddie Aikau was one of the crew and they even waved at him.

Several days later, they just heard the bad news that the canoe has capsized and discovered that Aikau lost his life in that unfortunate event. Sam George considers himself as among those few people who have last seen Eddie Aikau before his untimely death.

Lessons from the Film

Sam George would like viewers to learn from the film that a real hero is someone who cares for other people even if it is something that is not easy for them to do. He also would like the viewers to have a deeper understanding on how extraordinary surfing is as a sport. It is not just about riding through the waves but it is actually one of the most enduring sports in human history.

For those who were not able to view the film on the big screen last summer, ESPN Films will be showing it on October 1st at 8 PM Eastern Time. It will be part of their 30 for 30 series, which is a 90 minute documentary that will cover the life of the famous waterman. It will be set against the backdrop of Eddie Aikau’s cultural challenges.

Turtle Bay Resort Restaurant | Pa’akai

Formerly Twenty One Degrees North.  Experience a sea to table cuisine at the Pa'akai Twenty One Degrees NorthPa’akai restaurant in Hawaii. The name, which means sea salt in the Hawaiian language, symbolizes the island’s numerous seaside salt beds, where sea to table cuisine is happening each day. The restaurant menu highlights the island’s best fresh local seafood delicacies, including freshly caught local fish, Kauai prawns, farm raised lobster, sea asparagus, sea salt produced locally in the island, and seaweeds.

Local Main Cuisines

The menu of the restaurant highlights several of the island’s local main cuisines, such as the pan seared Kampachi that comes with a roasted butternut squash, apple Daikon vinaigrette, grilled Crimini mushrooms, and the Inamona crusted scallops topped with avocado puree.

The menu also includes the Kahuku corn as well as the Pipikaula relish that is added with macadamia nut chili oil. Other offerings on the menu are Kona’s New Zealand lamb rack that is coffee rubbed and blended with truffle mash with an elderflower as well as blackberry reduction. They also serve Hawaiian rancher’s rib eye steak that is topped with fingerling potatoes.

desert at Turtle Bay ResortDesserts and Cocktails

The restaurant is also famous for its desserts. Among the most luscious desserts that they have on their menu is the warm caramelized lumpia with banana, chocolate, apple and coconut sauce, as well as the Waialua chocolate soufflé and Ka’u macadamia nut sauce.

They are also among those restaurants at Turtle Bay that feature a full bar that is equipped with various signature cocktails and a wide array of appetizers, which includes a selection of seafood treasure chest.

5 Course Meals

Among the highlights of the restaurant is the five course meal that they are offering to diners. The meal costs $75 without wine selection and $150 with wine selection. The menu consists of the following:

  • Ahi Tartareluxury dining at Turtle Bay Resort Pa'akai
  • Grilled Mango and Goat Cheese Salad
  • Chili Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass
  • Hawai’ian Ranchers Beef Tenderloin
  • Checkerboard Haupia Ice Cream Cake

The meal is expensive, but diners will tell you that it’s worth it. In fact, locals and tourists alike flock to this restaurant in order to take advantage of this special menu, especially during special occasions. This is why if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you might as well check out what this restaurant has to offer. It’s one of those splurges that you’ll really appreciate because you’ll really enjoy the freshness of the meal.

Restaurant Details

If you want a contemporary and ocean inspired ambiance, then the Pa’akai Restaurant at the Turtle Bay is the best place for you. The restaurant has a cool blue setting with natural fixtures, as well as flexible seating for more than a hundred guests.

They also have a space for live entertainment happening every night. Several renowned local artists in the highland are performing at the restaurant, serenading diners each night. Guests are expected to wear casual resort wear and advance reservation is highly recommended especially during the peak season.