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Turtle Bay Resort Reduces Green Fees on Famous Golf Courses

Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu recently announce reduced rates for tee times on its Arnold Palmer Course and George Fazio Course, as well as an expanded practice range.

“We want to make golf more affordable and hopefully by doing that, more people will be inspired to make golf their activity of choice when visiting the Islands,” said Turtle Bay Resort Director of Golf Matthew Hall, a PGA Professional. “With two great courses, PGA instruction, world-class practice facilities, matched with Hawaii’s ideal climate and weather, Turtle Bay provides the perfect recipe for creating memories with family and friends.”

The newly renovated 16,000-foot George Fazio Practice range at Turtle Bay now accommodates up to 18 golfers at a time. Guests playing a round at either of the resort’s courses receive complimentary practice balls, and for those just wishing to practice, $10 purchases unlimited practice balls until noon. Or a $25 daily practice pass includes unlimited range balls and use of the Palmer Practice facility with its putting green and 80-yard chipping area.

Turtle Bay also offers rental golf club sets that include Titleist irons and woods, Scotty Cameron putter, and Vokey Wedges.

Turtle Bay Resort was selected as Hawaii’s “most underrated resort” by Travel+Leisure Golf magazine readers in 2006. It is the only full-scale resort on Oahu’s North Shore, home of world-famous surfing, remote coastlines and exciting activities. The resort is located on a promontory offering wide vistas of the ocean from every room.

6 Fun Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Facts Found at the Turtle Bay Resort

Look closely and you will find them.  Yes, you can find the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at the Turtle Bay Resort. Look for shadows moving in the water and pretty soon you’ll see the turtles come up for air.   The turtles like to visit the various bays of Turtle Bay Resort to munch on sea grasses, seaweed and algae.

The North Shore of Oahu Hawaii hosts one of the Turtle’s favorite places to do so at Laniakea Beach, which is just east of the Turtle Bay Resort and the Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals.

About every third year after reaching maturity  the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle returns to nest at the French Frigate Shoals. The arriving turtles come from up to a thousands of miles where pairs will mate and bury hundreds of eggs.

Fun fact about the Turtles on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii:
1) their weight can reach as much as 200 lbs.
2) it take them about 25 – 30 years to reach maturity
3) their sex is not determined by their parents rather by the temperature of the sand during incubation
4) the incubation period takes up to 70 days
5) for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle the temperature at which an equal number of male and females turtles will hatch is 83 degrees Fahrenheit
6) like many tourist (but unlike may of their turtle cousins)  the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle lays on the beach to soak up sun

North Shore of Oahu Hawaii Hotels close to the Turtle Bay Resort

There are very few choices for  North Shore of Oahu Hawaii hotels near The Turtle Bay Resort.  Especially now that the Laie Inn has closed.  Besides the Turtle Bay Resort Hotel others include:  Santa’s by the Sea in Haleiwa and Pat’s at Punaluu.

Costs for North Shore Oahu hotels vary significantly.  On the cheap end, you can find North Shore hotels for as low as $60 in off-season times.  On the luxury end, The Turtle Bay Resot hotel can run as much as $350 per night.

Why Hotels?

Families love the option of staying in a vacation rental condominium when traveling to the North Shore of Oahu. Why stay in a cramped 350 square foot hotel room when you can rent a 1,500 square foot luxury condo?  North Shore Oahu hotels, for the most part, aren’t furnished with the quality of furniture as a vacation condo.  Plus, vacation rentals include fully equipped kitchens, which help you save meal money.

Rent a Beautiful Condo Instead!

That’s right.  No more renting multiple hotel rooms during your North Shore HI stay.  Check out the condos available from Turtle Bay vacation rentals now.  Seriously.  You’ll thank us later.

Turtle Bay condo rentals range from the economic 1 bedroom to the large luxury 4 bedroom 3 bathroom condo.  We can meet all different type of lodging needs.  Oh, and come enjoy our 5 miles of beach access, pools, hot tubs, tennis, and basketball as well.

The Pipeline Masters Starts Today

The Triple Crown of Surfing Pipeline Masters Begins Today on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii

The final event, of three, in the very exciting professional surfing begins today.  The Pipeline Masters takes place at the Bonzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.   The North Shore is known for it’s consistent winter swells of 20 -30 feet which allows for these 3 unique and exciting events.  Contestants must show they are capable of mastering all three type of different waves and conditions.  The 2 previous events – the Hawaiian Reef Pro in Haleiwa and the World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach were held earlier this month.

Reef Hawaiian Pro in Haleiwa

Congratulation to Hawaii local Joel Centeio for winning the Reef Hawaiian Pro held earlier this month in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.  Joel wins $20,000 for riding the 6 – 8 feet waves.

World Cup of Surfing

Joel Parkinson won the World Cup of Surfing title help at North Shore’s Sunset Beach.  Waves reach 20 feet tall during the competition from an uncommon swell.

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational

The “Eddie”, Big Wave competition also occurred earlier this month for the first time since 2004.   It’s the world’s longest running and prestigious big wave surf competition.  Greg Long comes from  behind to surprise the crowd to beat former champion Kelly Slater.  Here is a partial list of the invitees for this year:

Grant “Twiggy” Baker
Takayuki Wakita
Andy Irons
Brian Keaulana
Clyde Aikau
Darryl Virostko
Reef McIntosh
Rusty Keaulana
Sunny Garcia
Peter Mel
Tom Carroll
Jamie Sterling
Kelly Slater
Keone Downing

Triple Crown of Surfing Location

The Triple Crown is held close the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu.  Many contestants stayed at Turtle Bay Hotel or at the Turtle Bay Vacation Condo Rentals.

Cash flow is back in Oahu, Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima condos

Great Investment Opportunities For Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Rental Condos

Cash flow is back on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Estates condos.

Prices have recently fallen enough to where purchasing a second home or an investment property can make sense. The Kuilima Estates condos are one of a few condo complexes in Hawaii that can offer a positive cash flow. Together with its access to beaches and resort amenities make it the ideal place for a second home or investment condo.

Click here for a list of all Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Estate Condos for sale.

Sale prices peaked in late 2007 at around $400/sq foot for Kuilima condos. Now you can pick up distressed condos for around $200/sq foot.

Vacation rental rates for these Kuilima condos have now stabilized and we now show many of these condos will cash flow when placed into Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals rental pool.

Kuilima Estate East #9 – $185/sq foot

For example, condos 9 is listed as a short sell. It’s a 1 bed/2 bath condo view a great view of the Turtle Bay golf course that is listed for just $185/sq foot. Click here for a cash flow analysis estimating expenses and income.

These deals will not last long. For further information information, please send us an email at