5 Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Around Turtle Bay

Few things put as much of a damper on vacation as stormy weather. When one dreams of her Hawaiian vacation, more than likely it consists of sunny skies, warm weather, tasty food, good company, and new experiences. Surely cloudy skies, rainy weather, and any other thing hindering the ideal day (and perfect vacation) are not a part of the picture. Yet it is Hawaii; and Hawaii is lush and green because, in fact, it does rain a lot. But, for practical purposes, what does one do when the weather does not go her way while vacationing with Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort? Instead of hiding inside the walls of the condo all day, venture out and make the most of it all.

While adding a layer of shade to that tan may not be an option when it is raining, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the rainy day on Oahu. One just needs to get a little more creative. Frankly, one just needs to accept and embrace the weather as well as one’s inner adventurer. Below are the 5 Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Around Turtle Bay.

1. Hike to Kawela Bay

While hiking in the rain in Hawaii typically means slipping around in the mud, a hike to Kawela Bay from Turtle Bay Rentals is both short and well shielded by the foliage. Of course, choose the route wisely because there are muddier routes than others. So either rough it bare footed or with some slipper (or sandals).

2. Breakfast at Ted’s Bakery

The good ole famous Ted’s Bakery is an iconic Hawaii food establishment. A family owned and operated location with a long history stretching back over a half century, Ted’s Bakery offers anything from doughnuts and pastries to plate lunches and sandwiches. Oh, and lest anyone forget, its famous chocolate Haupia pie is a perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

3. A Quick Dip at Ehukai Beach Park

While it may not be the perfect day to soak in the rays, who said swimming around is off limits? Not a soul. Depending on the surf, Ehukai Beach Park is a perfect location to hop in for a swim. With showers and bathrooms on site, Ehukai Beach Park is a prime location to rinse off that sand and salt before zipping off to the next adventure.

4. Lunch or Dinner at The Elephant Truck

Who would have ever thought Thai food out of a truck could be so good? Well, it is so good. The Elephant Truck by Shark’s Cove on the North Shore of Oahu offers a variety of Thai options from coconut curries to pad thai to papaya salad. And considering the location, The Elephant Truck is both reasonable as well as generous in portion.

5. A Movie at Laie Palms Cinemas

A movie and popcorn is a great way to wind down after a day in the rain. Granted that Laie Palms Cinemas is roughly ten minutes away from Turtle Bay Rentals (the next closest theaters are around forty-five minutes), it is a small yet convenient location for taking in the latest Hollywood flick. While there are only two theaters on location, there are plenty of showings throughout the day depending on whether one is looking for a matinee or an evening movie.

A Perfect Day of Kona Winds at Oahu’s Pounders Beach

When one thinks of paradise beaches on the island of Oahu, he or she traditionally envisions crystal blue and emerald waters with coarse sand encompassing the shoreline. And, of course, the sun piercing and bronzing any skin tone to perfection. Typically such beach days are found on the west facing coastlines, such as the North Shore, but on those rare occasions the east facing coastlines are the prize.

For those that may not realize, wind is the big factor to weather, geography, and ultimately the place a vacationer should head to for the day. The predominate winds within the Hawaiian islands are the tradewinds, which blow from east to west. Hence giving meaning to the terms windward side (east facing coastline), where the winds blow onshore from the ocean to land, and the leeward side (west facing coastline), where the winds blow offshore from the land to the ocean. For these reasons, the windward side receives the blunt of wind and rain and is thus more wet and green while the leeward side receives less wind and rain and is thus more dry and desert-like. Of course, this typical wind pattern occasionally changes and does the opposite of the typical patterns. These winds are referred to as Kona winds.

Kona winds refer to the opposite of the typical tradewind pattern. Instead of winds blowing from east to west, Kona winds flow from west to east. Kona winds indeed make for the most pristine conditions along the windward side of the island. What is normally a windy onshore blown mess transforms into the postcard-esque paradise that every vacationer is truly chases for at heart.

One suggestion for beach goers, especially those staying with Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, is to head to Pounders Beach in the little town of Laie on the windward side. With a one of a kind view of the famous rock cliff to the south of the parking lot in contrast to the even more famous Ko’olau mountain range, Pounders offers a perfect refuge from the crowds in addition to being a perfect place to stretch out the towel with the family and swim around in the shorebreak. What is typically a bodyboarding and bodysurfing haven for the youth and adults along the windward side of the island when there are tradewinds is typically not during the Kona winds. Nevertheless, be careful if the waves are a little larger as the waves tend to be very powerful and dangerous to novices in the ocean.

Pounders Beach, formally known as Laie Beach Park, is a short fifteen minute drive from the resort. While parking and showers are found on site, there are not any bathrooms or lifeguards on duty. Of recently, Pounders Beach has become known to visitors for the trampoline to the north along the old pier pilings, where cargo was once brought into the bay years and years ago. If the trampoline is still in use at the time of writing this, then by all means go enjoy it. Either way, soak up the beautiful sand and sea at Pounders on this next round of Kona winds.

HI BBQ—An Authentic BBQ Experience on the North Shore

With a wide variety of food stops both on and within close proximity of Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, few food stops provide as unique and as authentic of an experience as HI BBQ in the small town of Kahuku. Only a few minute drive south of the resort, HI BBQ is no run of the mill type of place. Nor is it exactly the most likely of places for vacationers to venture off the highway for a meal. That being said, that does not mean vacationers should not. In fact, any vacationer fond (or even those not so fond of bbq) definitely needs to put HI BBQ on the list of stops to make for some grub.


HI BBQ is located on the mountain side (mauka) of Kamehameha Highway just north of the town of Kahuku overlooking the famous shrimp farms. (Check out a recent blog that reviews Romy’s Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp if one is looking for shrimp as well as some other local food stops within the area.) Take the paved road on the mountain side of Kamehameha Highway—Cane Haul 7—just north of the shrimp farms. The windy road will wrap around and lead to some horse stables, a farming warehouse, and the windmills. That is where one will find the HI BBQ food truck.

HI BBQ specializes in three smoked bbq delicacies—brisket, pulled pork, and short ribs. HI BBQ offers these in plates with a choice of sides ranging from their signature Siracha coleslaw or house-made sweet apple coleslaw, and BACON (!!!) brown sugar infused baked beans. And, of course, for those looking to truly dig in with their canines, HI BBQ offers an All The Things plate combining all three of their smoked meats.

While HI BBQ offers a slice of southern bbq unlike anywhere else on the island, it also offers a unique experience that absolutely matches the true Hawaiian country vibes on the east side of Oahu. HI BBQ’s food truck is located right in a wide open grassy space isolated from any other food establishment with a view that is not easily rivaled. Thus making this the perfect location to bring a family (or, as a matter of fact, a date), particularly kids and young ones to pet the horses, view the waves crashing in the distance on the beaches of Kahuku, and watch the sunset behind the windmills on the mountain side.

And even if one is not fond of bbq, HI BBQ’s location is still worth driving up to for all of the reasons just mentioned. Considering the hustle and bustle of the shrimp trucks as well as the food trucks both in Kahuku and by Shark’s Cove on the North Shore, anyone that is looking for a little isolation, some horses grazing their domain, and a view that is hard to compete with, HI BBQ is a must. And, of course, the food … because it is not every day that one can find true southern style bbq in Polynesia.

4 Perfect Spots to Surf, Spectate, or Lounge on the North Shore of Oahu

Few things say “Hawaii” as much as surfing does. Surfing, the act of riding a wave with or without a board, is the epitome of ocean recreation. Especially in Hawaii, where for centuries the native people surfed. Although, it was not until Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimmer, reintroduced the ancient tradition about a century ago to Hawaii and subsequently Western society. Of course, this small spark of tradition then grew into a world-wide phenomenon that now draws the entire world to the very same shorelines that Duke surfed.

The North Shore of Oahu, as stated in previous posts, is the epicenter for the entire spectrum of surfing activities. Arguably not only due to Hawaii’s longstanding ancient tradition of surfing, but also because of the miraculous proximity of good surfing waves within such a relatively short stretch of coastline. Informally known as “the seven mile miracle,” the North Shore offers the full range of surf able waves from the beginner to professional. In other words, there is something for everyone on any given day.

The fact that the North Shore is also among the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the entire Hawaiian island chain does not hurt its proposition as being the best coastlines for surfing as well. With large sandy beaches coating the shoreline, warm temperatures year round, and the sun setting on the ocean’s horizon, few places match it. And whereas many of the best “surf spots,” both in Hawaii and beyond, are not located within close proximity of the shoreline—located along jagged coastlines, for instance—the surf on the North Shore is conveniently close to shore. Thus making it nearly perfect for accessing it as well as spectating.

Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort is located just minutes away from this fabled coastline. For a surfer, there truly could not be a greater place to vacation. For a spectator, there truly could not be a greater place to view the best surf in the world. For everyone else, there truly could not be a greater place to soak in the epic sun, sand, and sea of beauty that makes Hawaii unique.

With all of this in mind, for surfers and spectators alike, there are four places along the North Shore that come to mind in terms of places to either surf, spectate, or simply lounge. These four places are as follows:

Banzai Pipeline

Acclaimed as the best wave in the world, the Banzai Pipeline (also referred to as Pipeline or simply Pipe) is everything that one can expect and more. Very few waves in the world rival its power and perfection. When there is a lot of swell, head to Ehukai Beach Park to see the majesty of this wave unveil itself.

V-Land (Velzyland)

Named after surfboard shaper Dale Velzy by the original surf filmmaker Bruce Brown, known for Endless Summer, Velzyland is both one of the funnest waves for any wave rider as well as one of the more tucked away locations for people to lounge and soak in a beautiful day on the North Shore.

Ke iki

Made famous by Clark Little, this stretch of beach break is as dangerous as shorebreak (waves breaking close to or on the beach) comes. While it is a beautiful location, and a great one to watch powerful waves breaking, it is not intended to be a swimmer’s beach for those that are not advanced surfers.


The iconic Waimea Bay has everything from a jump rock, shorebreak for bodyboarders and bodysurfers, and a point break for standup surfers. While the surf only breaks when there is a lot of swell, Waimea Bay is a great place for lounging, playing a game of pick up football, or swimming around.

4 Local Food Stops Within Minutes of Turtle Bay Rentals

Food is a major part of vacationing. In many ways, the better the food, the better the vacation. Maybe because vacation tends to be a time to splurge. Maybe because vacation is a time to venture out and taste new and different foods that one normally does not. All things considered, Hawaii is a perfect place for it all.

Vacationing with Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort is no different. As a matter of fact, it is the perfect place for feasting on some great food. Especially after a long day at the beach surfing and soaking in the sun. With a variety of options in terms of local food stops within minutes of the resort, below are four recommendations for the next time one is yearning for something tasty.

1. Romy’s Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp

There are numerous trucks and establishments within the town of Kahuku that claim “Kahuku Shrimp,” but only two establishments actually serve actual Kahuku raised shrimp and prawns. Romy’s Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp is one of such establishments.

Located adjacent to its own shrimp farm, Romy’s serves up fresh (never frozen) prawns and shrimp straight out of Kahuku. Known for serving its shrimp with the head on, although trimmed, with its garlic butter sauce and spicy shoyu sauce, Romy’s is one of those iconic establishments that is true to its claim as dishing up savory “Kahuku Shrimp.”

56781 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731

2. Kahuku Farms Farm Cafe

Farm to table is the name of the game at Kahuku Farms Farm Cafe. Offering a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, baked goodies, desserts, and drinks, one thing is a for sure—it will be fresh.

Located adjacent to its own farm, Kahuku Farms also offers farm tours to educate guests on the inner workings of agriculture in Hawaii as a whole and Kahuku specifically. One fun tour Kahuku Farms offers is a smoothie tour, which includes a Papaya Power Smoothie while on a wagon tour of where the ingredients of that very smoothie come from.

Address: 56-800 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731

3. Seven Brothers at the Mill

Looking for a solid burger? Well, Seven Brothers at the Mill (formerly Kahuku Grill) is the go to spot. Offering a wide menu of burgers with a variety of fixings, fries, salads, shrimp and fish plates, Seven Brothers dishes out unique flavors with each meal.

Located at the old Kahuku Sugar Mill, Seven Brothers offers indoor and outdoor seating perfect for a nice casual lunch or dinner.

Address: 56-565 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731

4. Tita’s Grill and Catering

“Ah You Hungry?” Local boy Junior Ah You, a former football player, opened doors at Tita’s Grill in 2010. Tita’s Grill offers full on local style portions, from breakfast and lunch plates to sandwiches, with a Polynesian flair. Their Polynesian bread is to die for (even a la carte) and reasonably priced by Hawaii standards.

Located across the street from Kahuku High and Intermediate Schools, Tita’s Grill is a must for any visitor looking for a good local food pit stop at a reasonable price.

Address: 56-485 Kamehameha Hwy, Hauula, HI 96717