Cash flow is back in Oahu, Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima condos

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Great Investment Opportunities For Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Rental Condos

Cash flow is back on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Estates condos.

Prices have recently fallen enough to where purchasing a second home or an investment property can make sense. The Kuilima Estates condos are one of a few condo complexes in Hawaii that can offer a positive cash flow. Together with its access to beaches and resort amenities make it the ideal place for a second home or investment condo.

Click here for a list of all Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Estate Condos for sale.

Sale prices peaked in late 2007 at around $400/sq foot for Kuilima condos. Now you can pick up distressed condos for around $200/sq foot.

Vacation rental rates for these Kuilima condos have now stabilized and we now show many of these condos will cash flow when placed into Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals rental pool.

Kuilima Estate East #9 – $185/sq foot

For example, condos 9 is listed as a short sell. It’s a 1 bed/2 bath condo view a great view of the Turtle Bay golf course that is listed for just $185/sq foot. Click here for a cash flow analysis estimating expenses and income.

These deals will not last long. For further information information, please send us an email at

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