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Turtle Bay Resort Condos for Sale

Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals has added a new page –Turtle Bay Condos for Sale.  The page will list all the condos currently for sale at the Turtle Bay Resort.  Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals constantly researches and investigates all Ocean Villa condos and Kuilima Estate condos for sale.  The list of the best condo values are

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Leasehold – should I buy the fee for Kuilima Estates?

Currently the Kuilima Estate Owner Association and the Turtle Bay Resort are in negotiation for the Resort to sell the land where the Kuilima condos are located to the association.  In general, leasehold ownership, unlike fee simple ownership, does not include the land when purchasing real estate.  For a further explanation see:  Leasehold vs. fee

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Cash flow is back in Oahu, Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima condos

Great Investment Opportunities For Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Rental Condos Cash flow is back on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima Estates condos. Prices have recently fallen enough to where purchasing a second home or an investment property can make sense. The Kuilima Estates condos are one of a

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