December Oahu, HI North Shore Weather

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dec temperature in oahu hawaiiDecember Oahu, HI North Shore Weather, Temperature, and Surfing Information

If you want to enjoy the peak season in Hawaii, you might want to book your vacation on December. This is one of the busiest months in Oahu because a lot of people are flocking the hotels, inns, restaurants and resorts in Hawaii. Because one of the longest holidays, Christmas, is in December, you should expect a lot of families frolicking in the beaches under the hot winter sun.

You should also expect higher rates on various accommodations and tourists spots such as hotels, vacation rentals and restaurants. You should also be ready to squeeze yourself in planes that are servicing inter-island trips.

And because of the busy environment of the whole place, you will definitely feel the upbeat environment of Hawaii. But the good part of this is that the locals are so accommodating and the people here are not going crazy over parties that you won’t worry about your safety. You can be sure that you are in a safe place when you go visit Oahu, Hawaii.

Dec. Oahu, Hawaii Weather, Temperature, and Surfing Information

You will get an idea on how hot winter is in Hawaii when you take a look at the table below.

Average Temperature: 82°F / 27.77°C

High Average: 68°F / 20°C

Low Mean Average: 75°F / 23.88°C

Precipitation: 2.85 in.

High Record: 89°F / 31.66 °C (1995)

Low Record: 54°F / 12.22°C(1962)

Humidity: 73.5%

  • Hot Winter

The temperature in Hawaii is still high even though it is already winter. This is great because you can go swimming, surfing, kayaking and hiking during this month. There is no need to bring thick clothing if you are only planning on staying at the beach resorts because the weather is just cool, not hot.

  • Occasional Rainfall

But make sure that you prepare all your essentials, including think clothing and insulation, when you go hiking in the mountains. The rainy season has started and you don’t want to get sick because of downpours that you would likely encounter on various times of day.

This is the rainiest time of the year in Hawaii but the weather is still agreeable so there is no need to hesitate when you decide to spend your vacation in here.

  • Surfers’ Haven

During the month of December, many surfers are flocking the beaches of Oahu Hawaii because of the great waves. You should check out the competitions that are being held in Oahu when you come to Hawaii during the month of December.

  • Family Reunions and Outings

You will surely see a lot of families spending their Christmas in Hawaii not just because of the agreeable weather but also because of the Christmas events that are being held in Oahu. There are Christmas parades and Christmas concerts that are being held every December 1st. There are also Christmas tree lighting ceremonies and city lights celebrations.

You will surely love going to Hawaii during Christmas season because of the feel that you will get from the warm welcome of the locals and the merriments made even more enjoyable by other tourists like you.

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