HI BBQ—An Authentic BBQ Experience on the North Shore

by: Evan Fa

With a wide variety of food stops both on and within close proximity of Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, few food stops provide as unique and as authentic of an experience as HI BBQ in the small town of Kahuku. Only a few minute drive south of the resort, HI BBQ is no run of the mill type of place. Nor is it exactly the most likely of places for vacationers to venture off the highway for a meal. That being said, that does not mean vacationers should not. In fact, any vacationer fond (or even those not so fond of bbq) definitely needs to put HI BBQ on the list of stops to make for some grub.


HI BBQ is located on the mountain side (mauka) of Kamehameha Highway just north of the town of Kahuku overlooking the famous shrimp farms. (Check out a recent blog that reviews Romy’s Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp if one is looking for shrimp as well as some other local food stops within the area.) Take the paved road on the mountain side of Kamehameha Highway—Cane Haul 7—just north of the shrimp farms. The windy road will wrap around and lead to some horse stables, a farming warehouse, and the windmills. That is where one will find the HI BBQ food truck.

HI BBQ specializes in three smoked bbq delicacies—brisket, pulled pork, and short ribs. HI BBQ offers these in plates with a choice of sides ranging from their signature Siracha coleslaw or house-made sweet apple coleslaw, and BACON (!!!) brown sugar infused baked beans. And, of course, for those looking to truly dig in with their canines, HI BBQ offers an All The Things plate combining all three of their smoked meats.

While HI BBQ offers a slice of southern bbq unlike anywhere else on the island, it also offers a unique experience that absolutely matches the true Hawaiian country vibes on the east side of Oahu. HI BBQ’s food truck is located right in a wide open grassy space isolated from any other food establishment with a view that is not easily rivaled. Thus making this the perfect location to bring a family (or, as a matter of fact, a date), particularly kids and young ones to pet the horses, view the waves crashing in the distance on the beaches of Kahuku, and watch the sunset behind the windmills on the mountain side.

And even if one is not fond of bbq, HI BBQ’s location is still worth driving up to for all of the reasons just mentioned. Considering the hustle and bustle of the shrimp trucks as well as the food trucks both in Kahuku and by Shark’s Cove on the North Shore, anyone that is looking for a little isolation, some horses grazing their domain, and a view that is hard to compete with, HI BBQ is a must. And, of course, the food … because it is not every day that one can find true southern style bbq in Polynesia.

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