How to Get Cheap Flights to Oahu, Hawaii

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How to Get Cheap Flights to Oahu, Hawaii

If you consider yourself a smart traveler, then you should know how to get to your destination. If you want to have a vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, you have to know how to get cheap flights to Oahu, Hawaii. You also have to book accommodations in a place that offers affordable packages such as those offered by Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals.

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The great thing about traveling to Hawaii these days, especially in Oahu, is that there are now a lot of affordable accommodations as well as travel packages that you can book. Perhaps this is due to the fact that more and more airlines are now having direct flights to the island, such as Allegiant Air and Alaska Airlines. Add to that is Hawaiian Airlines’ recent launch of nonstop flights to Honolulu from the JFK airport in New York and you have a lot of affordable options.

Here are some tips on how to get cheap flights to Oahu, Hawaii (search for cheap oahu Hawaii flights here).

Know the Best Time to Go

Just like with several other tourist places in the world, it is cheaper to go to Hawaii during off-peak season. As expected, a lot of people from the mainland would go to this island during the cold winter months in order to enjoy the beautiful weather on this lovely island. So if you want to travel cheap, then avoid going to Hawaii during this time. Instead, book your flight during summer or spring, since not a lot of people are flocking to Oahu at this time, and as such, flights and accommodations in places such as the Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals are offered at very reasonable prices.

When Do You Start Shopping?

Take note that buying a ticket is totally different from shopping. Shopping would mean that you are starting early in search for airfare tickets in order to know the latest trend on airfare deals. This means that if you want to travel cheap, stop procrastinating and do your shopping now. Furthermore, it is also helpful if you sign up for a newsletter on some airlines in order to be among the first people to know of real time deals and airfare promos.

When Will You Buy?

Based on studies conducted, the best time to book your flights going to Hawaii is during Tuesday at 3PM Eastern Time. It was found out that most airlines offer tickets on sale during Monday evening, which will prompt some other carriers to lower their prices in order to match the sale prices offered by these airlines. But in general, you should start shopping for tickets about 3 1/2 months before your departure date, except if you decide to travel during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Aside from the tips above, another key to booking cheap flights to Oahu, Hawaii is to fly from an area that’s not a popular jump off point to Hawaii. It’s obvious that the more seats available, the cheaper the seats are going to be. For that reason, avoid flying from Los Angeles during peak season.

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