Jamie Anderson – Olymipic Gold Medalist Stayed at Turtle Bay Resort

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Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson is Coming to North Shorejamie anderson at turtle bay

During the Winter Olympics held at Sochi, Russia, one of the athletes that stood out in the snowboarding competition was Jamie Anderson. The Californian native won a gold medal in the women’s snowboarding slope style category.

Jamie Anderson is coming to North Shore although in an interview, she revealed that she has been busy lately for press days where she will be flying to New York and Los Angeles. She is hoping to be able to take part in the popular music festival in the North Shore, the Wanderlust, which will take place by the end of February.

Physically Fit

On the interview, Jamie Anderson was asked how she keeps herself physically fit. According to her, she lives in the mountains and therefore, she snowboards a lot. When the weather is warmer, she will go mountain climbing, hiking. She also tries the stand-up paddle boards as well.

Jamie also mentioned that she practices yoga in order to maintain her overall strength and balance, which is probably why she is coming to the Wanderlust festival. The music festival which will be taking place at the North Shore of Oahu is all about yoga and music.

About the Wanderlust

The Wanderlust festival is filled with ecstatic celebrations. It is not only about music, but it is also a yoga festival. On this event, some of the world’s leading yoga instructors will gather along with top musical artists, as well as renowned speakers, international chefs and entertaining performers. All of these are weaved together in order to bring a unique experience filled with delights and surprises.

Whether you are a fan of mountaintop adventures like Jamie Anderson, or perhaps, you just simply want to explore and meet interesting people from all over the world, the Wanderlust is certainly an event that you should not miss. It is an opportunity to unplug from your usual day to day life and discover something extraordinary.

What to Expect

The Wanderlust will take you to a different kind of adventure. Along with your yoga mat, take part on the interesting yoga classes and come dancing to the entertaining music that goes to your ears. You get to also join the entire community in indulging on a Hawaiian feast. You can eat, drink and sample some of the most mouthwatering dishes prepared by well renowned chefs.

You can bring a friend or your group of friends or perhaps, meet new friends out there. The event will start from the early morning meditation until night time wherein you get to enjoy chakra spinning music along with some musical performances. The best thing of all is that all these will be happening right at the backdrop of the beautiful North Shore in Oahu.

If you want to join the event, simply go online and book your ticket. Remember that this is one of the most awaited music and yoga festivals all over the world, so you better hurry. And who knows, you might bump into Jamie Anderson out there.