January Weather and Temperature in Oahu, Hawaii

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Jan Oahu North Shore surf and weatherJanuary Oahu, HI North Shore Weather, Temperature, and Surfing Information

January is still part of the winter months in Hawaii, which is from November to March. But most people are going to this place during this season. Most hotels and vacation rentals are full during this time, which is caused by the good weather even during the winter months.

During the peak season, you will be able to enjoy surfing more than bathing in the beach due to the great waves that most surfers are grateful for. Surfers flock to Oahu during the month of January because you can expect big waves during this month.

If you want to go to Hawaii on the month of January, expect a lot of people cramming the tourist spots and wonderful beaches that stretch all throughout the white shores. This is the month when people flock the beaches of Hawaii to go surfing because the tides are great and the sun is shining all throughout the month of January.

There are a lot of rainfalls during the month of January, part of the wet season, but you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining your vacation. The place is always sunny even in the middle of light downpours.

Weather and Temperature in Oahu, Hawaii in January

Oahu is a great place to stay, regardless of the season. You will be able to experience a sunny and warm getaway even during the winter month. To have more detailed info about Oahu’s temperature, weather and surfing, look at the table below.

Average Temperature: 80°F / 26.66°C

High Average: 66°F / 18.88°C

Low Mean Average: 73°F / 22.77°C

Precipitation: 2.73 in.

High Record: 88°F / 31.11°C  (1996)

Low Record: 52°F / 11.11°C (1969)

Humidity: 77.20%

  • Surfs Up

The place’s west coast is drier than the east coast. Regardless of the season, Oahu is a place to go to when you want to go surfing because the place is sunny all year round.

January is also a great month to go surfing in the area because from November to February, the tides in Oahu are great, a surfer’s dream. So if you are planning on testing the tides of Hawaii, you might want to go in here during this month. Just be sure to be prepared for the crowd, which flock the beaches of Oahu during this season.

  • Rain and Shine

If you go to Hawaii, you will notice that it is raining all the time, which gives the place its wonderful plants and trees. But even though the place is always showered with rainfall, you won’t have to worry. Rainfalls are light and the sun still shines brightly even when there is a downpour. Thus, if you want to experience a whole year round of sunshine, even during the rainy season, you should definitely go and check Hawaii.

  • Winds

The winds are not that strong during the month of January so you will be able to enjoy hanging out on the beach without worrying about strong winds. Although the waves are big during the month of January, you will still enjoy the milder winds in Oahu, Hawaii.


January Weather and Temperature in Oahu, Hawaii North Shore

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