Lindsay Lohan in Laie Hawaii – Purse Stolen?

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Who stole Lindsay Lohan’s purse?  Can you please return it?  She needs the money for lawyer fees.  And, what is she doing in Laie anyway?  You can’t by drinks there, it’s the driest place in Hawaii.  Is she required to hang out with Mormons or those who don’t drink and do drugs as part of here probation?  Serious, we want answers.

Oh, and what is she doing leaving $10,000 in cash in a $5,000 purse in a car, let alone a Jeep.  I’m hoping the Jeep was at least was a hard top and was locked.

Lindsay was supposed to be alleviating drama from the release of her photo shoot in Playboy by coming to Hawaii and staying at the Turtle Bay Resort Hotel.  But instead, she finds more drama.

Here is a first hand account of the events by people actually at the party





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