Location of Hawaiian Bing ad with Waimea Rock Jump

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Suddenly have an urge for folksy foot-stomping – and a trip to Hawaii to jump off a cool cliff into the ocean?  Blame the Bing TV commercial.

OK, so I have a love/hate relationship with the new Bing ad about Hawaii and connecting socially with friends through Bing’s search engine.  Here is the video below:

The love part is when me and my wife saw it for the first few times.  We were so excited and yelled, ‘hey, we jumped off that rock at Waimea Bay’.  The hate part is that my wife and I don’t have cable so we watch a lot of Hulu.  The commercial comes on all the time on Hulu.  Even after you hit the switch ad button it still seems to find you.  After the 24th time, it just gets old.

What doesn’t get old is Waimea Bay, which is actually my favorite beach in Hawaii (my wife’s favorite is Lanikai).  It’s located on the North Shore of Oahu pretty close to the Turtle Bay Resort – just 12 miles to the west .  Here is a map.  Not only does it have the cool rock to jump off of for free, but it has many more fun Hawaiian adventures:

1-  Waimea Bay Toilet Bowl
What is the toilet bowl?  Just south of the cliff dive rock there is a cool toilet bowl – a small cave that gets filled with water when the waves comes in and then flushes out the water quickly when the waves recede.  A fun feeling to have but be careful, when the waves are big the bowl can fill up in a hurry and you could hit your head on the top of the cave.

2 – Big Surf
Some of the biggest surfing waves are found at Waimea Bay.  In fact, that is the location of The Eddie Aaiku Big Wave Invitational.  The “Eddie” is the world’s renowned big wave competition with waves over 25 feet tall.

3 – Beach and Body Boarding
Waimea Beach has beautiful white sandy beaches with a picturesque scenery.  Come see the huge waves during the winter and often when swells hit the island.  People love to body board at Waimea.  Be careful as the waves came be huge and the break is very close to the shore.

The song in the Bing TV commercial doesn’t get old either.  The Lumineers from Denver nailed their “Ho Hey” song, which is catchy and up-lifting.

The frontman for the Lumineers wanted to be an NBA player growing up, but couldn’t jump.

Come to Hawaii Wesley Schultz, and jump all you want off of Waimea Bay Rocks in Hawaii near Turtle Bay Resort.


Waimea Bay Rock Jump Location in Bing TV commercial Hawaii Ad

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