March Weather in Oahu, Hawaii

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oahu hawaii ehukai beach march weatherMarch Oahu, HI North Shore Weather, Temperature, and Surfing Information

March is still a great time to surf in Oahu, Hawaii. There are quite a number of surfers crowding the beaches of Hawaii even though the ideal surf season, which is November to February, is already over. Because the place still has great waves, surfers are still going to the beaches and riding high waves.

So if you did not have time to enjoy the great waves on the months when the waves are high and big, you can still enjoy riding tides this month of March.

March Weather in Oahu, Hawaii

Here is a table where you can see the weather and temperature information on Oahu, Hawaii. You will be able to determine if the temperature is good enough for you to go frolicking in the beaches of this tropical island.

Average Temperature: 82°F / 27.77°C

High Average: 67°F / 19.44°C

Low Mean Average: 74°F / 23.33°C

Precipitation: 1.89 in.

High Record: 89°F / 31.66(1984)

Low Record: 53°F / 11.66°C(1902)

Humidity: 69.00%

  • Lesser Downpours

There are lesser chances of rainfall during the month of March in Hawaii. Compared to the precipitation level of February, which is 2.35 inches, March has a lesser amount of rainfall. This means that you can enjoy more sunshine and not be worried about sudden downpours while you are sunbathing.

  • Grab Your Surfboard

Garb your surfboard and other beach essentials because you will still be able to experience great surfing in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii anytime of the year. It is still winter in Hawaii during March but the water is good and you won’t freeze up because the temperature of the water and air are fairly good for swimming and surfing.

  • Hiking

During this month, you should be bringing some think clothing and other essentials when you go hiking or camping on the mountains. The weather in the mountains is not freezing but you want to make sure that you will stay dry and warm during your stay. There are downpours on various spots in the mountains of Oahu, so it is best that you bring stuff that are waterproof just in case you get wet from sudden and short rainfalls that usually stops within just a couple of minutes.

  • Comfy Winter

Even though it is still winter in Hawaii, you will be able to enjoy summer sunshine and warm weather because of its location. The temperature is still comfortable and residents and tourists do not feel the need to wear think clothing. Most people are not even aware of the winter season because of the warm temperature that only ranges from 19°C to 23°C most of the time.

  • Longer Days

You can enjoy the beaches more during the month of March because the days are getting longer starting this month. You will still be able to have a glimpse of the setting sun during late hours, which is great because you will have more time for merriment on the beaches and the shopping centers and bars all around town.


March Weather in Oahu, Hawaii| March Oahu, HI North Shore Temperature