Mokuleia Beach: Lost TV Oceanic Flight 815 Crash Site

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Did you know the beach from the TV show Lost is close to Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals?  That’s right, stay in Turtle Bay and you can visit the location of the crash-landing of Oceanic flight 815.

Mokuleia Beach, also known as Army Beach, on Oahu’s North Shore can be easily visited when staying at Turtle Bay.  In addition to the Pilot episode airplane crash-landing, Mokuleia beach was also used in later episodes.

Unfortunately, the lush green tree on Mokuleia Beach the characters sat beneath in multiple episodes has been burned down.  The balance of the beach is still pristine.

Lost TV Beach in Hawaii
Mokuleia Beach Scene From Episode 1 of Lost

Mokuleia Beach borders some of the last undeveloped parts of the North Oahu shoreline, which makes it a great beach.  The morning is a prime time to visit.  The coral sand and clear blue water is beautiful in the morning sun.  You may even see kite surfers and hang gliders in the distance.

From Turtle Bay, take Farrington Highway930 West.  Look for Dillingham Airfield on the left hand side.  When the vegetation on the right hand side of the road ends, you’ll see Mokuleia Beach Park.  The beach location where the set was is near the end of the paved road as the beach extends down to Kaena Point.  Keep going west to see the beaches for the tail section crash site.

Mokuleia Beach:  Lost TV Oceanic Flight 815 Crash Site

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