A Perfect Day at Sandy Beach

by: Evan Fa


Any day in Hawaii is a good day, especially on vacation. Considering that there are an infinite amount of ways one can spend a day in Hawaii while staying at Turtle Bay Rentals on the Turtle Bay Resort, a day at Sandy Beach is one of the best. Whether one is looking for a place to surf, a beautiful beach to sunbathe, or a scenic coastline to admire, Sandy Beach is a must.

A Place to Surf

Sandy Beach is arguably the most consistent stretch of surfable coastline on Oahu. It is a magnet for summer south swells, winter north swells, and the year round easterly trade wind swells. Not to mention, there are a handful of actual surf spots within its proximity. Full point for longboarding, Half Point for advanced bodyboarders and shortboarders, Pipe Littles for anyone, and the shorebreak for those looking to get thumped on the sandy bottom. Of course, depending on one’s level of wave riding, one must take caution as the surf can be extremely dangerous for novices and those unexperienced in the ocean. Fortunately, lifeguards are on duty during most of the hours of daylight.


For a place to rent a surfboard or shop for any surf related goods, HIdentity Surf is located right around the corner from Sandy Beach Park. Address: 501 Kealahou St., Honolulu, HI 96825

Sunbathing on the Sand

While, undoubtedly, Sandy Beach is a surfer’s paradise, it is also the perfect beach to sink one’s feet in the sand, lay out the towel and soak up some sun rays. Considering Sandy Beach’s location is on the south east side of the island, it faces enough west that on any given day one can expect the sun to poke through for most of the day. That gives those looking to add a nice layer of tan to his or her skin the nearly perfect setting. Of course, lather on the sunscreen or sunblock, especially if one isn’t accustomed to the Hawaiian sun, because nothing says uncomfortable like getting burnt like a lobster. And, by the way, Sandy Beach Park has plenty of public parking, showers, and restrooms.


Scenery at Sandy Beach and in the Surrounding Area

Whether it’s the Halona Blowhole or Hanauma Bay to the south or Makapu’u as well as the beautiful lighthouse on the point to the north, Sandy Beach lies at the foot of Koko Head Crater. In other words, regardless of which direction one travels from, one will inevitably encounter the sheer beauty surrounding this little beach park. Not to forget, due to Sandy Beach’s location, the sunset is visible from the beach park. Not in the classical Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu sense, but it’s still very much worthwhile on a clear day. So if one is looking for a reason to spend the entire day at Sandy Beach, that is one incentive to do just that.


Sandy Beach is one of the gems of Oahu. Whether one is looking to surf, sunbathe or simply take in the scenery, consider a day on this pristine stretch of coastline a perfect choice.

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