Turtle Bay Resort Restaurant | Pa’akai

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Formerly Twenty One Degrees North.  Experience a sea to table cuisine at the Pa'akai Twenty One Degrees NorthPa’akai restaurant in Hawaii. The name, which means sea salt in the Hawaiian language, symbolizes the island’s numerous seaside salt beds, where sea to table cuisine is happening each day. The restaurant menu highlights the island’s best fresh local seafood delicacies, including freshly caught local fish, Kauai prawns, farm raised lobster, sea asparagus, sea salt produced locally in the island, and seaweeds.

Local Main Cuisines

The menu of the restaurant highlights several of the island’s local main cuisines, such as the pan seared Kampachi that comes with a roasted butternut squash, apple Daikon vinaigrette, grilled Crimini mushrooms, and the Inamona crusted scallops topped with avocado puree.

The menu also includes the Kahuku corn as well as the Pipikaula relish that is added with macadamia nut chili oil. Other offerings on the menu are Kona’s New Zealand lamb rack that is coffee rubbed and blended with truffle mash with an elderflower as well as blackberry reduction. They also serve Hawaiian rancher’s rib eye steak that is topped with fingerling potatoes.

desert at Turtle Bay ResortDesserts and Cocktails

The restaurant is also famous for its desserts. Among the most luscious desserts that they have on their menu is the warm caramelized lumpia with banana, chocolate, apple and coconut sauce, as well as the Waialua chocolate soufflé and Ka’u macadamia nut sauce.

They are also among those restaurants at Turtle Bay that feature a full bar that is equipped with various signature cocktails and a wide array of appetizers, which includes a selection of seafood treasure chest.

5 Course Meals

Among the highlights of the restaurant is the five course meal that they are offering to diners. The meal costs $75 without wine selection and $150 with wine selection. The menu consists of the following:

  • Ahi Tartareluxury dining at Turtle Bay Resort Pa'akai
  • Grilled Mango and Goat Cheese Salad
  • Chili Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass
  • Hawai’ian Ranchers Beef Tenderloin
  • Checkerboard Haupia Ice Cream Cake

The meal is expensive, but diners will tell you that it’s worth it. In fact, locals and tourists alike flock to this restaurant in order to take advantage of this special menu, especially during special occasions. This is why if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you might as well check out what this restaurant has to offer. It’s one of those splurges that you’ll really appreciate because you’ll really enjoy the freshness of the meal.

Restaurant Details

If you want a contemporary and ocean inspired ambiance, then the Pa’akai Restaurant at the Turtle Bay is the best place for you. The restaurant has a cool blue setting with natural fixtures, as well as flexible seating for more than a hundred guests.

They also have a space for live entertainment happening every night. Several renowned local artists in the highland are performing at the restaurant, serenading diners each night. Guests are expected to wear casual resort wear and advance reservation is highly recommended especially during the peak season.