Vacation on the North Shore this Summer

by: Evan Fa

Summer vacation is a time to get away and relax from the stresses of the day to day life. When looking for that perfect place to spend one’s vacation, there are certain things one factors into making that right choice. Those factors may include how friendly that location is for group travel (especially with a family), the weather, culture, the food, and the activities (including one’s hobbies). Considering all these different factors, the real essence of vacation is, frankly, having a good time. And what greater way to enjoy a good vacation than to spend it at Turtle Bay Rentals on the North Shore of Oahu this summer.

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated islands in the entire Pacific. While that means that it will require a five and a half our flight from the West Coast to get to them, the reward is more than worth the travel time. Below are some reasons why.

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The North Shore is located in what is referred to as “country” on the island of Oahu. Nestled an hour away from the hustle of “town” (which includes Waikiki), the North Shore is a breath of fresh air for both locals and visitors. Turtle Bay Rentals (located on the Turtle Bay Resort) is the sole resort on the North Shore, which affords a completely different, tranquil experience to guests.


Considering that the average temperature on Oahu hovers just a degree or two under 80, and that summer is the drier season, the weather is just about perfect. Even the humidity is toned down by the tradewinds that blow the majority of the year.


Hawaii is home to a beautiful native Polynesian culture. One full of rich history, dance and art, food and recreation. One specific way to learn more about Hawaiian culture, as well as others from the Pacific, is to visit the Polynesian Culture Center in Laie, which is only 15 minutes down the road from the resort.

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The North Shore is a melting pot of different types of foods. Whether one is looking for native Hawaiian food, local influenced foods like plate lunches, or simply pizza and burgers, the North Shore has more than enough options to choose from.

For a reference on some fun local food spots to try out, click here.


Whether one is looking to just soak in some sun, snorkel and swim around, hike some trails, the North Shore provides all of that and more. In addition, Turtle Bay Resort provides a variety of activities from horseback and helicopter rides to surf lessons at Hans Hedemann Surf School.

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